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PenzaStroy made an investment in their high technology precast element factory in Penza, Russia.

The City of Penza is located in Volga Region roughly 600 km southeast from Moscow and has over half a million inhabitants. PenzaStroy – the leading construction company in the area – together with its concrete production unit Mehanika decided to invest in a new element factory to answer the increasing demand of concrete elements in the area.

PenzaStroys general director Valentin Shurljajev points out that “the requirements for concrete production were carefully evaluated and based on the results we decided to invest in Tecwill Double precast element factory concrete plant designed for precast element factory”. Tecwills plant suited optimally in the challenging and relatively small factory area with its logistics needs and other operations. PenzaStroy wanted to optimize the usage of the concrete mixing plant by producing concrete for the precast element factory and for ready mix concrete sales, with the same mixing plant. “We evaluated many different options and wanted the world class solution without compromise”, says Alexander Shukin, the main engineer of Mehanika. “We produce many different types of elements, e.g. hollow core slabs, wall elements, beams, pillars and partition blocks and cannot compromise the quality of products delivered to our clients”, continues Shukin.

Tecwill delivered to Penza the complete concrete mixing plant together with the heating system for the whole element factory including aggregate heating, heating for the casting beds and overall production facilities.

The concrete mixing plant especially designed for PenzaStroy needs, based on Tecwills technological experience, is equipped with two efficient planetary mixers. Both mixers may produce concrete for either element production or ready mix deliveries. The concrete batches are transported to element production with two fully automatic distribution shuttles.

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