recycling of Fresh concrete AND WASHING WATER

Returned fresh concrete as well as remains from washing truck mixers, pumps and mixers can be washed out, by separating aggregates and cement-water (grey water).Not only the washed out aggregates may be reused in concrete mixes, also grey water can automatically be pumped back and added to the concrete mix according to the required respectively permitted amount.

There are available three basic concrete reclaimer systems:

  • Drum based system
  • Screw based system
  • Special system for MOBILE plants

The system suitable for the customer’s applications well as the capacity of the recycling plant need to be determined on base of the actual conditions. The fresh concrete recycling systems can also used in connection with concrete plants of prefabricated element factories.

Filter press

Grey water (slurry) can be handled by filter press to make water clean. Filter press takes away all sand and cement particles. After that water can be reused like normal clear water.

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Features and benefits

Tecwill is able to deliver all plant models with an integrated fresh concrete recycling / concrete reclaimer system.

Benefits of a fresh concrete recycling system (CRS)

  • Reduction of clear water consumption of a concrete mixing plant and with this
  • Reduction of water costs and
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Control of handling of washing water from truck mixer, pumps and mixer
  • Can be installed with a new as well as with an existing concrete mixing plant

Ready-mix concrete plant

CRS can handle

  • washing water from cleaning the mixer
  • washing water and returned fresh concrete from truck mixers and pumps

Concrete plant of a prefabricated element factory

CRS can handle

  • washing water from cleaning the mixer
  • washing water and returned fresh concrete from concrete conveying buckets
  • sawing water and concrete remains from hollow-core lines
  • washing water from casting hoppers