TurboCobra heating system

The TurboCobra system consists of the following equipment, which can be dimensioned according to the capacity of the concrete mixing plant, the customer’s requirements and the relevant weather conditions:
  • Containerized heating plant, producing energy for the heating of aggregates and the production of hot water
  • Heating pipelines and automatic valves for distribution of heating energy to the aggregate bins
  • Hot water pipelines and hot water dosing system
  • WillConHot control system for controlling the heating and the production of temperature controlled concrete to desired target temperature

If part of the scope of supply of a plant, all equipment including pipelines will be supplied turn-key installed.

Features and benefits

The TurboCobra aggregate heating system is an economical and effective system with the following properties:
  • Fast aggregate heating during the production
  • Fast hot water production simultaneously with the heating of aggregates
  • Heating of the mixing plant premises
  • Suitable also for prefabricated element and block factories
  • Production of warm concrete according to the target temperature
The TurboCobra system gets controlled by the Tecwill WillConHot control, which takes care of:
  • control of aggregate heating according to the set parameters
  • measurement of aggregate temperatures
  • measurement of water temperature
  • measurement of the concrete temperature in the mixer
  • production of warm concrete according to the target temperature

Optional equipment

The TurboCobra system can be supplied with optional equipment, for example:
  • Hot water pipeline for truck mixer cleaning
  • Cold water tank installed inside the heating container
  • Heating system for heating hollow core beds and element tables in prefabricated concrete element factories
  • Extended heating system for heating production halls
  • Extended heating for hardening chambers of block factories
  • Gas burner instead of fuel burners