COBRA - Optional equipment

Wide range of optional equipment available

There is listed some popular options. Additionally a wide range of optional equipment is available. Special models can be designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Aggregate bin loading system

The system consists of a receiving hopper, a vertically operating VERTEC pocket conveyor or an inclined belt conveyor and a distribution belt conveyor on top of the bin unit. The VERTEC, developed by Tecwill, reduces the space required and can also be connected with the MOBILE COBRA plants.

COBRA concrete plant with 2 mixers

Cobra can be supplied with 2 mixers, e. g. for a block or prefab element factory, to be able to parallel produce different kinds of concrete, like ready mix concrete, SCC, base mix - face mix for block factory, mortar or shotcrete.

Mobile COBRA set-up with steel frames as substructure

With the “mobile package” COBRA becomes a highly mobile concrete mixing plant, which can be relocated within a very short time. The “mobile package” includes

  • mobile steel frames to be used as foundations for the plant, the aggregate bin unit, cement silos and if necessary also for the heating container and fiber dosing system.
  • low profile mobile steel elements to be used for the aggregate loading ramp

Once a project has been terminated the frames can be moved to new place together with the other plant equipment.

Aggregate moisture measuring

Aggregate moisture of all components can precisely be measured by just one sensor on the “flowing” aggregate bed on the weighing belt. Moisture data are passed on to the control system and are used for the calculation of the required amount of water to be dosed into the water scale. 

Alternatively measuring can be done with an OPTICAL “non contacting” sensor.

Dosing system for steel, synthetic or polyprobylene fibers

The plant can be equipped with a fully automated system for dosing steel and/or plastic fibers. The “flying” aggregate weighing system allows to dose fibers directly on top of the flowing aggregates, properly spreading and premixing the fibers with the aggregates .

The system avoids fiber lumps and guarantees the production of highest quality concrete and especially shotcrete.

Special dosing system for polypropylene fibers. Homogeneous shotcrete for tunnels and mines.

High pressure washing system for mixer

Effective washing system for washing the concrete mixer, the discharge gate and eventually the concrete transport bucket. The washing water is sprayed inside the mixer by rotating nozzle system.

Additive storage with filling system

Additional admixture storage container with storage tanks, dosing pumps and filling system is easy to operate. Sufficient storage capacity and real time information about the additive tank level in control system.

Concrete consistency measuring and adjusting

Each concrete mixer can be equipped with a sensor for measuring the concrete consistency. Sensor can be connected to the plant control system for automatic consistency adjustment.