Concrete Solutions for Tunneling and Mining

Tecwill plants to mix shotcrete (sprayed concrete) and backfill for underground construction in tunneling and mining.

Tecwill shotcrete plant

Tecwill shotcrete solutions create significant savings in tunnel construction and mining operations:

  • Homogenous fiber dosing for polypropylene (PP), steel or synthetic fibers
  • Better shotcrete quality without fiber clumps, fewer problems with sprayers
  • Reduced cement content in a mix design by up to 15%
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Better tunnel lining quality with improved work safety
Benefits and savings

Why choose Tecwill shotcrete technology?

Fast weighing and fiber dosing control with Tecwill’s “flying” weighing system.

Tecwill-flying-weighing-system-conveyor_1Shotcrete mixing with Tecwill’s innovative on-conveyor fiber feed that reduces mixing time and fiber clumps.

  • More accurate weighing
  • Less cement
  • Correct slump

Multipurpose hybrid plant.
No need for a separate shotcrete plant, as the same unit can mix all mix designs.


The same plant can mix:

  • Shotcrete with all types of fibers
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Backfill, if the necessary equipment is included in delivery
  • Precast concrete

Modular construction making the concrete plant fast to install, even in winter, and easy to relocate and reinstall year-round.


Tecwill preassembles the complete concrete plant at its own factory. This includes pre-wiring, piping, thermal insulation enclosure and plant testing.

  • Fast set-up time, even in winter
  • Easy to relocate and reinstall year-round
  • Reliable winter operations
Modular construction

Modules of a Tecwill shotcrete mixing plant


  • 1. Aggregate bins
  • 2. Mixing unit
  • 3. Batch room, admixture storage
  • 4. Fiber dosing unit
  •  5. Cement silos

Tecwill in brief

  • 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing concrete plants
  • Our technology significantly reduces CO2 emissions from concrete production
  • Global operations
  • Head office, assembly factory and testing facility in Joensuu, Finland

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30 years
300 concrete batch plants