Equipment for concrete mixing plants

Tecwill manufactures equipment and devices for concrete plants. The equipment can also be used for old plant reconstruction.

Tecwill equipment

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Depending on the project, a Tecwill equipment delivery includes:

  • Planning
  • Manufacturing 
  • Delivery
  • Installation, mechanical and electrical 
  • Startup 
  • Documentation

Equipment delivery can include:

  • Components
  • New mixer with scales
  • Aggregate conveying system 
  • Concrete conveying system
  • Aggregate heating system 
  • Aggregate silo with dosing equipment
  • Cement silo with screw

Equipment for concrete mixing plants

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The most accurate measuring system for aggregate moisture

Our unique technology allows you to measure all aggregate fraction moisture using one common moisture probe.

With the “flying” aggregate dosing system, all different fractions are measured by one probe located on the top of the aggregate flow. The probe measures each aggregate one by one, transferring the data to the control system. This feature is only available with the Tecwill WillControl system.


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The “flying” aggregate dosing and weighing system

The “flying” aggregate dosing and weighing system enables significant investment savings and, even more importantly, reduced operational costs. With this system, it is possible to achieve a dosing accuracy of down to 2 kg and a very low weighing deviation. The “flying” system can lead to cement savings of up to 10% concrete per cubic meter (cubic yard).


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Dosing system for shotcrete steel and synthetics fibers

All our concrete plant models can be equipped with a manual or fully automatic dosing system for steel fibers, synthetic plastic fibers or polypropylene fibers. The system consists of:

  • A fiber feeder unit
  • Conveyor to transport fibers inside the aggregate bin
  • A fully automatic control system to dose fibers according to recipe parameters is available with the Tecwill WillControl system
  • Optional dosing unit housing
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Tecwill’s range of mixers:
  • Countercurrent planetary mixers from 0.5 to 3.0 m³ 
  • Twin-shaft mixers from 1.0 to 4.5 m³ 

Both mixers are available with a wide range of equipment options.

Mixer accessories, such as wear plates, a central lubrication system and discharge stop function can be selected according to customer needs.

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Flying bucket concrete delivery system Tecwill’s fully automatic flying bucket system allows delivering concrete from the batch plant to the precast factory. The system ensures smooth connection to multiple casting points and machines present at the plant. It is suitable for all types of tracks, including straight, curved, inclined or duo rail. For concrete discharge, the solution supports both bottom and rollover discharge.


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High-pressure mixer washing system The plant features automatic cleaning from the batch control system. It cleans the mixer using rotating washing nozzles and ensures easier maintenance.


Reclaimer recycles fresh concrete and washing water

Returned fresh concrete and residue in washing truck mixers, pumps and mixers can be washed out by separating aggregates and cement water (grey water).

Three basic concrete reclaimer systems are available:

  • Drum-based system
  • Screw-based system
  • Special system for mobile plants


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Aggregate and water heating

The TurboCobra system consists of the following equipment, which can be dimensioned according to the concrete mixing plant capacity, customer requirements and relevant weather conditions:

  • A containerized heating plant to produce energy for heating aggregates and to produce hot water
  • Heating pipelines and automatic valves for the distribution of heating energy to the aggregate bin
  • Hot water pipelines and hot water dosing system
  • WillConHot control system to control the heating and production of temperature-controlled concrete at the desired target temperature


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Conveying and dosing of aggregates
  • Aggregate bin loading systems
  • Vertical and horizontal aggregate bins
  • Bin racks and covers
  • Belt feeders and dosing gates
  • Weighing belt conveyors
  • Vertec vertical belt conveyors
  • Horizontal and inclined belt conveyors
  • Holding hoppers
Weighing systems and scales
  • Admixture scale for liquid admixtures
  • Binder scale, cement scale
  • Aggregate belt scale
  • Water scale


Binder silos and equipment Tecwill’s range of equipment for storing and handling binding agents, like cement, fly ash, slag, silica, limestone powder and other, includes:
  • Silos with a volume from 25 m3 to 250 m3
  • Screw auger conveyors
  • Dust filters
  • Level measurement systems for silos
  • Silo filling systems
  • Safety devices for silos
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