Aggregate and water heating

Reliable year-round operation

Requirements for a cold weather concreting, aggregate and water heating system

To produce concrete in cold weather, a concrete plant must be prepared for winter operations. Heating a plant is not enough. You will also need:

  • A correctly dimensioned heating plant to heat aggregates and hot water
  • A properly designed insulated bin construction
  • A heat distribution system for bins
  • Insulated water pipes
  • Control system for heating and concrete temperature control

The effective Tecwill aggregate and water heating system connected to a Tecwill aggregate bin construction guarantees high-quality concrete production, even during the coldest winters.

The heating system heats the aggregates in the bins by using turbo gas at a temperature of 250–300 °C. At the same time, the system also heats any hot water needed for the production and heating of the concrete plant’s premises.

  • Precise concrete temperature – total control in cold or hot weather
  • Concrete can be produced at the required temperature
  • Increased plant capacity with less fuel consumption



Better temperature control

Concrete production controlled at the desired temperature



To produce concrete at a desired temperature, the system uses the WillConHot program. After defining the target concrete temperature in the batch control system, the program takes into account the raw material temperatures. The concrete temperature is measured in the mixer. If needed, the actual value can be printed on the delivery note.

  • Water heating and automatic hot water dosing
  • Measured material temperatures
  • Desired target temperature for concrete in the batch control system
Options for heating system

Heating systems for a ready-mix concrete plant and precast factory concrete plant

To produce concrete in cold weather, a concrete plant must be prepared for winter operations. Various heating system options are available according to customer needs.

Heating plant with a capacity of 0.5–2.5 MW (1.7–8.5 MBTU/h)

A combined aggregate and water heating plant is dimensioned according to the concrete output in cold weather and the hot water output needed for concrete production, facility heating and truck filling. The hot water tank size can range from 6–12 m3 (1,600–3,200 gal).

Heating plant for extreme conditions

In very extreme conditions, a heating plant can be prepared for continuous 24/7 operation to heat aggregates on bins and prepare the required amount of hot water.

Diesel oil, gas or propane burner

The burner at the heating plant can use light fuel oil, natural gas or propane. The heating plant can also be equipped with an integrated light fuel tank.

Preassembled enclosure and winter equipment

If the concrete plant is not properly prepared for winter operations, the aggregate heating system does not help much. In a Tecwill plant, the enclosure and all winter equipment can be preassembled already at our factory. No disassembly is required when moving the plant to a new location.

Preassembled water pipes

All cold and hot water pipes in the concrete plant can be preassembled already at our factory. The water pipes are installed in a thermally insulated pipe tunnel, where they are protected against frost. This significantly reduces installation time at the site.

Preassembled aggregate heating pipelines and valves

Preassembled and prewired heat pipes and valves can be assembled already at our factory. This enables fast installation and startup, even in winter

Heat distribution elements for bins

To ensure proper smelting and heating of aggregates, especially sand, correctly dimensioned heat distribution elements for bins are needed.

Integrated cold water tank

If the water supply is insufficient, we can deliver a cold water buffer storage with the heating plant. A cold water tank is placed in an insulated container. Any cold water required for concrete production will be pumped from the tank directly to the water scale.

Heating and curing system for a precast factory

The Tecwill aggregate and water heating system can be extended to heating and curing casting beds and molds at a precast factory.

The heating and curing process is automated according to the temperature and the curing cycle of the precast elements, concrete blocks or paving stones.

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