In addition to our service packages, we offer a variety of other service products, including individual spare part sets, a wide range of accessories and customized projects for plant modernizations.

Service contract

Once you have selected an appropriate service package, we will send you a service contract to sign. The contract includes a mutually agreed upon schedule for executing the services.


Spare parts

We only sell parts that have been used originally for manufacturing Tecwill mixing plants. When having your machine serviced using original spare parts, you are guaranteed that your equipment will retain the same high quality it had when you purchased it. Original spare parts are fully compatible with your machinery, and service personnel do not need to be concerned about compatibility issues.


Plant maintenance

To support our customers and their operations, we provide an extensive range of services for our products throughout the various stages of their life cycle. Our services help guarantee our product reliability and enhance their optimal performance in all types of situations.



We also offer plant modernizations, installing new equipment or accessories and connecting them to the control system. For example, we can replace mixers, modify aggregate bins and loading equipment, add extra cement silos, additive storage and dosing equipment – or implement a new plant or upgrade an existing one. READ MORE

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