Seeking mobility and efficiency in concrete plant setup? Consider the advantages of Cobra preassembled and tested batch plant. This ensures quick and easy installation and relocation – even in winter.


Cobra concrete mixing plant

Fast installation and site startup



The patented Cobra concept represents the newest development in the field of concrete mixing and batching plants. The completely factory preassembled plant can be easily installed, quickly commissioned and economically operated. Although Cobra functions as a proper stationary plant, it can be effortlessly moved to a new site when a project has been completed or the market situation has changed.

The Cobra concept originates from a new way of thinking about the entire process of concrete production. The concrete plant operates where the concrete is actually required.

Super mobile concrete batching plant

The Cobra is a compact type of plant. It combines all necessary features for quick and easy installation, large production capacities and production of the highest quality concrete or shotcrete. Cobra plants are equipped with either reliable compulsory countercurrent planetary mixers or high-performance twin-shaft mixers.

The Cobra plant is designed to operate efficiently in harsh cold or hot climate conditions. All models are available as insulated plants. They can be equipped with an efficient aggregate and water heating system or chiller and ice flake plant, automatically mixing temperature-controlled concrete to the desired temperature.

Benefits and added value

Patented construction and "flying " aggregate weighing system

– Aggregate dosing with "flying" aggregate dosing and weighing system

– Enables factory assembly and testing of the complete plant, including winter insulation and aggregate and water heating system

– Fast installation and commissioning, easy to relocate to a new site

– Mobile steel foundation and aggregate loading ramp elements

– Aggregate bin and filling ramp are about 2–5 meters lower than those of a conventional plant

Inaccurate measuring of aggregate moisture increases production costs

– The “flying” aggregate dosing and weighing system allows you to precisely measure the moisture of all aggregates with only one sensor

– The sensor can be a sliding “ski” sensor, which slides along the top of the aggregate bed as it flows on the belt conveyor

– Alternatively, an optical non-contacting sensor can be used for measuring


Economical site works and low aggregate filling ramp

– Thanks to the “flying” system, the loading edge of the aggregate bins is approximately 2–5 meters lower than the bins of a conventional weighing belt conveyor system

This leads to significant savings in wheel loader operation costs, including fuel, oil, tires, personal and other costs

– A lower and shorter loading ramp minimizes the operating space needed at the production site

The plant can be installed on concrete slabs or mobile steel skid base

Powerful aggregate and water heating system

– All insulating panels can be preassembled at the factory. They do not need to be dismantled when the plant is moved to another location

– The effective TurboCobra aggregate and water heating system can also be preassembled at the factory

Cobra wet batch product family

The Cobra family consists of three main products

Cobra C40 wet batch

Read more about Cobra C40 ›

Production capacity up to 40 m3/h
(52 yd3/h)
1 m3 (1.3 yd3) countercurrent planetary mixer

2–6 aggregate bins



Cobra C120 wet batch

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Production capacity up to 120 m3/h
(156 yd3/h)
3 m3 (3.9 yd3) twin-shaft mixer or
2.5 m3 (3.3 yd3) countercurrent planetary mixer
3–7 aggregate bins
“Flying” aggregate dosing and weighing system

Optional equipment

Aggregate bin loading system The system consists of a receiving hopper, a vertically operating Vertec pocket conveyor or an inclined belt conveyor and a distribution belt conveyor on top of the bin unit. Developed by Tecwill, Vertec reduces the space required and can also be connected to the mobile Cobra plants.


Dosing system for steel, synthetic or polypropylene fibers

The plant can be equipped with a fully automated system for dosing steel and/or plastic fibers. The “flying” aggregate weighing system allows the fibers to be dosed directly on top of the flowing aggregates, properly spreading and premixing the fibers with the aggregates.

The plant includes a special dosing system for polypropylene fibers and produces homogeneous shotcrete for tunnels and mines.

Mobile Cobra setup with steel frames as substructure

With the mobile package, Cobra becomes a highly mobile concrete mixing plant that can be relocated within a very short time.

The mobile package includes mobile steel frames to be used as foundations for the plant, the aggregate bin unit, cement silos and also, if necessary, for the heating container and fiber dosing system. Low-profile mobile steel elements are used for the aggregate loading ramp.

High-pressure washing system for the mixer The plant features an effective washing system for washing the concrete mixer, the discharge gate and also the concrete transport bucket. The washing water is sprayed inside the mixer by rotating the nozzle system.
Control room, admixture storage and laboratory containers

A pleasant working environment with thermal insulation.

Camera system

A camera system is a powerful way to enhance the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of the manufacturing operations at concrete mixing plants.

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The patented Cobra concept represents the newest developments in the field of concrete mixing and batching plants.