We offer our customers the most cost-effective and ecologically friendly way to produce concrete for various purposes.

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Ready-mix concrete

Solutions for ready-mix concrete production

Tecwill’s wet batch solutions help you mix the best concrete in the world.

  • Unique “flying” weighing system
  • Improves moisture control
  • Lower operating and material costs
  • Saves cement
  • Reduces CO2 emissions from concrete production
  • Increases capacity
  • Minimizes production breaks
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Project contracting

On-site concrete batch plant solutions

Our mobile concrete mixing plants are the easiest way to produce concrete for any construction project.

  • Preassembled and pre-wired
  • Factory tested
  • Factory-assembled enclosure
  • Fast to install, even in winter
  • Steel skid foundation and loading ramps
  • Capacity up to 260 yd3/h (200 m3/h)
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Precast and concrete products

Solutions for precast and product factories

With Tecwill precast concrete plant, each batch produced is within the required dosing, moisture and temperature tolerances to ensure the highest quality product.

  • Improved aggregate moisture control
  • Correct slump and water-to-cement ratio
  • Huge savings in production costs – in both time and materials
  • Precise batch concrete temperature
  • Automatic concrete distribution, order points
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3D concrete printing

Solutions for 3D concrete printing

The Tecwill 3D-Mix batch plant boasts a cutting-edge design that is specifically tailored to mixing concrete for 3D printers. It incorporates the advanced Tecwill “flying” aggregate weighing system, equipped with the revolutionary OptiMoist moisture control technology. This allows precise control over the amount of cement used, resulting in substantial savings in production costs. Furthermore, every batch produced by the plant adheres to the strictest standards of dosage, moisture and temperature, guaranteeing the highest-quality 3D concrete mix.

  • Mixing real concrete instead of mortar
  • Significant production cost savings due to reduced cement usage
  • Improved weighing and aggregate moisture control
  • Correct slump
  • Precise concrete batch temperature
  • Fewer printer breaks
  • Self-erecting super-mobile plant
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Shotcrete – sprayed concrete

Shotcrete plant solutions

Do you want high-quality shotcrete without fiber clumps? Our technology produces shotcrete with steel, plastic or polypropylene fibers for any size tunneling or mining project.

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