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Thomas Betong


Betong Øst
Marti Tunnel AG
KRUSZBET S.A.


Thomas Betong


“I was positively surprised by the plant’s quality.
The ‘flying’ system works very well.”

At the start of 2020, we purchased a new Arcamix 3.0 concrete mixing plant for our Gothenburg operations, giving us an annual concrete production of 120,000 m3. Communication with Tecwill throughout the project was exceptional. All parties involved have been very competent and supportive. Even after delivery, we have received great overall support, including troubleshooting and spare parts delivery.

I was positively surprised by the plant’s quality. The “flying” weighing system works very well. Our concrete quality is good, and the mixer is doing its job well. At peak times, we can produce 1,200 m3 per day.

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with Tecwill in the future!

Alireza Ghayori
Project Coordinator
Betong AB
Gothenburg, Sweden


Betong Øst


“The mixing plant offers good functionality,
and the quality of work continues to impress us.”

Our new Arcamix 2.5 concrete plant for our Rudshøgda plant in Norway was delivered at the end of 2021. Communications throughout the entire delivery were very professional. The Tecwill supervisor at our site was very skillful and good at management. Everything went smoothly, and it was pleasant to work with him.

The mixing plant has worked exactly as we had hoped. We have had no problems. Material dosing accuracy has been very good. To date, we have produced many different mix-designs.

The clean and efficient mixing plant offers good functionality. It has particularly good safety system, switches, connection points for cables to enable easy maintenance and safe work.

Overall, the mixing plant is very good. And the quality of work continues to impress us. We warmly recommend Tecwill as a mixing plant supplier.

Frode Bakkestuen
District Manager
Betong Øst AS
Kongsvinger, Norway


Marti Tunnel AG


“The plant was first installed in Norway for a tunnel project.
After completion, it was quick to move to Switzerland for another tunnel project.”

We chose the Cobra C80 mobile set-up to produce spray concrete. The plant came with a mobile skid foundation and loading ramps, along with a fiber dosing and heating system.

The plant mainly produces spray concrete – shotcrete – with PP fibers at the site. It also produces a minimum amount of lean concrete.

The plant was first installed in Manndalen, Norway, for a tunnel project. After completion, the plant was moved to Switzerland for another tunnel project. It was easy to move and quick to set up, as no foundation was needed.

The system is well thought out. It is easy to clean, and the dosing works well.

Rinaldo Minozzo
Head of Mechanical Engineering
Marti Tunnel AG
Moosseedorf, Switzerland




“We can now produce concrete at -15 °C.
Downtime has been less than 0.5% per year.
Our customers have appreciated the homogenous concrete quality.”

The delivery of our Tecwill Cobra C120 was made with the greatest of care to protect all mixing plant modules. Assembly occurred in only in a few days – from the steel foundation to producing the first cubic meter of ready-mix concrete.

The delivery included a fully winter-equipped mixing plant ready for severe winter conditions with all modules insulated and a heating unit to heat production water and the aggregates. We are now able to produce concrete at -15 °C, without any restrictions on concrete production and in full compliance with to the strict Polish regulation requirements.

Downtime has been less than 0.5% per year. At peak production, we produce over 1,000 m3 of concrete a day, from simple foundations to demanding construction concrete. Tecwill has helped us with the rare failures – even late at night. Thanks to this, we have been able to continue production.

Our customers have appreciated the concrete quality. Our concrete has been homogeneous at every stage of delivery, regardless of weather conditions, thanks to the accuracy of weighing and the moisture management system.

Mateusz Miszczak 
RMC Production Manager
Kruszbet S.A.
Suwalki, Poland