Concrete distribution equipment for a precast and concrete product factory

Tecwill’s fully automatic flying bucket system delivers concrete from the batch plant to the precast factory. The system ensures a smooth delivery to multiple plant casting points and machines.

Rollover flying bucket

The flying bucket or shuttle operates by rail and is driven with an electric motor. The concrete bucket plays an essential role in the transportation system.

The rollover bucket discharges using rotation. The rotating bucket is well suited for long transport distances and larger volumes.

The bucket uses wireless radio and manual control.

Automatic ordering and delivery control system

The automatic concrete ordering and delivery control system is the most important part of the distribution system. The system consists of a computer and stationary or portable order panels in various locations throughout the precast plant. The system operates wirelessly from portable devices in the WLAN network.

The modern control system works automatically. An operator can accurately adjust the concrete moisture as well as other essential parameters. Orders received are placed in an order queue. If necessary, orders in the queue can be prioritized. Orders can also be sent automatically from the casting machine.

Bucket rail system

Usually, the bucket conductor rails are placed next to one of the conveyor rails. Buckets move along on the rail system, which either is attached to the production hall pillars or supported by a separate steel construction.

A conveyor bucket moves on two rails. With just one rail, the bucket may swing laterally. Therefore, the two-rail version is more robust. The rail system may include curves, upward and downward slopes and crossings.

Receiving hopper for concrete Concrete can be discharged to a stationary or mobile casting hopper. A mobile casting hopper is a flexible way to pour concrete into molds using a bridge crane.
Bottom gate discharge bucket

A bottom hatch discharge is optimal for short transport distances, especially with smaller buckets.

Belt conveyor for concrete

A belt conveyor is a good solution to move concrete from the concrete mixer to a paving stone or block machine. The belt conveyor is ideal for zero slump concrete.


Flying bucket washing station

Buckets are washed at the washing station. Washing is manual or uses an automatic high-pressure washout system.

Portable order panel for a precast factory

A rugged order panel is a flexible solution for any kind of precast factory. The portable order panel operates wirelessly from a WLAN network.

The operator can make orders and properly adjust the concrete moisture and any other essential parameters.

Flying bucket system for a precast factory

What is important?

Concrete distribution with a flying bucket must be dimensioned and carried out according to production line capacities and with smooth delivery to plant casting points and machines.

  • What is important to consider when planning a flying bucket system?
  • What accessories are available for this?

This Tecwill blog answers these and other common questions about the flying bucket system.





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