Janne Tuomikko August 16, 2018 4 min read

Tecwill delivered a precast concrete plant to Estonia

VMT Betoon AS is a leading Estonian company in the field of ready mix and precast concrete element production, well known for its high quality and great variety of products.

VMT Betoon AS wanted to expand its existing factory and therefore needed additional concrete mixing capacity. Various options were examined in cooperation with the customer to find out, which was the optimum solution to fulfill the actual and future requirements for the production of concrete for different purposes.

To extend existing element factories always is a challenging task, for example, because of the old equipment and the mostly limited space. This was also the case with VMT Betoon AS, which is why the project started with careful pre-planning.

Concrete mixing plant next to the existing factory

Finally the decision was made to place the new concrete mixing plant on the existing site of the VMT Betoon AS precast element factory. The mixing plant on the one hand should not be too far away from the production halls for precast elements, on the other hand it needed to be easily accessible for truck mixer.

The cramped plot and the position of the old production halls made it a difficult task to find the right solution. There was not enough space for the new plant between the production halls, which is why the aggregate bins, binder silos and additive storage facilities needed to be placed beside the halls however, ensuring optimum logistics on the site, for trucks supplying raw materials as well as for truck mixers and other vehicles for the internal transport of concrete.

As often the case, also here the concrete mixing plant had to be designed and installed with taking into account the old equipment and existing facilities.

The scope of supply consisted of a D-Mix plant, with a top-quality planetary countercurrent concrete mixer, aggregate bins, conveying equipment, binder silos, a control system and a heating system.

The Tecwill D-Mix concrete mixing plant is a flexible and adaptive solution specially designed for concrete production in connection with precast element factories. The equipment can be chosen according to the customer's needs and flexibly adapted to any situation, either as an addition to an existing or as part of a new factory.

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