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Buying a concrete mixing plant is a significant investment, requiring a detailed analysis of exactly what is needed. Everything should be considered carefully. It’s not just budgeting that is important. There are many other questions – mostly technical – that should be answered before making the final decision. This blog takes a look at some of the most important issues. 

What are the requirements for concrete plant installation?

There are certain measures you need to take care of before the concrete mixing plant installation starts. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Water and electrical connections

Make sure water and electrical connections are installed before plant installation starts.

Check whether the fuse size of the electrical connection and the water supply are adequate. 
If public utilities don’t provide the power/water required, consider using an electric generator and/or a buffer tank for water.

2. Foundations

The foundations need to be built taking into account local conditions and the static loads of the concrete mixing plant.

Some concrete mixing plants require only a low ramp for filling the aggregate bins. This reduces both the footprint and wheel loader operational costs.

If the ground is stable, it may be sufficient to put the plant on a steel frame or concrete slab. Other plants may need underground structures, high above-ground foundations and/or long, high ramps. All of this affects the investment costs.


3. Materials

All materials needed to produce concrete must be available beforehand and in sufficient quantity. This is important, especially if production will start immediately after installation is completed.

4. Space

Check if there is enough space for the plant and all installation devices, such as a mobile crane. This avoids wasting time on unexpected measures.

The average space requirement for a mobile concrete mixing plant is around 60 x 150 feet (20 x 50 m).

How long does it take to install a concrete mixing plant?

How long is the total delivery time?

Different suppliers specify different delivery times for their concrete mixing plants. It largely depends on whether the plant will be installed completely at the construction site or completely or partially preinstalled at the factory.

Preinstalled at the factory

To minimize on-site installation time for a concrete plant, it is generally good practice to choose a preinstalled concrete plant, assembled and tested at the factory. This means equipment, thermal insulation, pipelines and electrical cables are all assembled and tested beforehand. At the site, connecting the modules and commissioning are all that remain. This can happen very fast, especially if quick connectors are used. Production can then start in 3–8 days.

Preinstallation can also significantly reduce expenses for the crane and personnel. This is particularly advantageous if installation needs to be carried out on cold or rainy days.

How long is the total delivery time of the mobile concrete mixing plant?

Installed completely at the site

If a plant needs to be assembled piece by piece at the customer’s site, installation can take two or even six months.

Wall support structures and thermal insulation will be assembled after the main equipment is installed. And it takes additional time if the filling ramp to the aggregate bins must be built up high.

Also, more personnel, cranes and other equipment have to be available at the construction site until start-up. All this significantly increases the cost.

Note also that for some plants, installation time takes just as long as the actual manufacturing. For a standard plant, manufacturing usually varies between twelve and twenty working weeks. Be sure to clarify if the plant needs to be manufactured before delivery. 

How long is the total delivery time of the mobile concrete mixing plant?

To minimize potential issues, go for a mobile concrete mixing plant that has been preinstalled and rigorously tested before arriving at the customer’s site. Tecwill’s concrete mixing plants, such as Cobra, fit this description perfectly. Download the Cobra brochure to discover why it is the preferred choice.

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