D-MIX concrete mixing plant

D-Mix is the cost efficient solution for stationary ready-mix concrete plant or concrete plant for precast element or block factory. Connection to element or block factory is flexible, aggregate bins can be outside and mixer module inside. Alternatively whole plant can be located inside the production hall near the production machinery.  Steel constructions can be made by customer locally according Tecwill instructions.

D-MIX can be tailor made according to customer requirements and adjust to fit in the plot area and connection to production machinery.

D-Mix is equipped with high quality counter current planetary mixer. Batch size is 0,5 - 2,0 m3. Plant is equipped with WILLCONTROL fully automatic control system and it can mix all kind of concrete recipes. It guarantees accurate dosing of materials and flexible adjusting of orders and batches. Earth dry concrete moisture can be adjusted automatically by moisture sensor in mixer and control system. Plant can be equipped with options like; additive system, colour dosing system or fibre dosing system.