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The demand for new structures will continue to rise as long as the world’s population is growing, whereas existing structures become obsolete at some point. This translates into a continuously growing demand for such building materials as ready-mix concrete. But is your concrete batching plant up to double or even triple its production? Let’s explore several common options to grow in tandem with the concrete industry. 

Renovation – a short path to increased yield

When your existing concrete mixing plant struggles to meet the growing demand, it is time to make changes. However, it’s not always easy to get all the necessary permissions to erect a completely new concrete mixing plant. And the existing one may be in such good condition that demolishing it may seem unnecessary. Or perhaps the timing is just not very favorable for a significant investment.

In these cases, renovating the existing concrete mixing plant is an option. 

If the main structures are still in good condition, it may be reasonable to only install new equipment, electrification, as well as an automation and control system. 

A technology upgrade is not going to get you a radical ready-mix concrete production increase. However, it is still a good way to boost your concrete mixing plant’s efficiency without major investments. 

How to increase the output of ready-mixed concrete production?

Solid steps – installing a new plant 

In some cases, the output of an existing concrete mixing plant can’t be increased with upgrades. Then, the only way to start increasing concrete production capacity is to install a completely new concrete batching plant – more powerful and efficient.

The plant size you choose depends on several factors. This includes the required hourly production capacity, the number of bins and silos, as well as the total storage capacity for binding agents, aggregates and other raw materials. Location space and building permit conditions will also determine what kind of concrete mixing plant you are allowed to build. Keep in mind that a small plant requires at least 2,500 m2, while a bigger one needs 5,000 m2 or even more.

The good thing about new concrete mixing plants is that they can be customized according to cement producers’ needs – and the requirements of the site.

Who is the right supplier?

To provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution, a concrete mixing plant supplier must be familiar with all the challenges and requirements peculiar to your situation.

You can easily recognize the right supplier by their proactive approach toward your project. This includes guidance in determining optimal plant size and being clear about the project’s total cost well in advance. 

They carry out the whole process, from planning to completion, with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. And just as important, this support doesn’t end once the plant is delivered – it continues throughout the plant’s lifespan.

How to increase the output of ready-mixed concrete production?

Benefits of Tecwill’s concrete mixing plants

At Tecwill, we strive to be our customers’ preferred supplier and strategic partner – the one they will come back to with trust. However, no one can match the quality and reliability of our concrete batching plants. And here’s why.  

  • Reliable automation and control system ensures smooth production at all times
  • Tecwill’s special weighing and dosing system enables higher concrete quality while reducing emissions. The system also allows very precise moisture measurements in the aggregates
  • Our efficient heating system guarantees continuous concrete production even under winter conditions
  • All components and systems are installed and tested at the factory before being shipped to the customer
  • Reliable service, maintenance and spare parts supply 

As the demand for ready-mix concrete rises, several strategies can increase production capacity. Renovating existing concrete mixing plants is one cost-effective option. However, there are situations when installing a new one is the only solution. In both cases, selecting a reliable concrete mixing plant supplier is crucial for the successful implementation of your project – no matter the scope. 

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