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How to increase the output of ready-mixed concrete production?

How to increase the output of ready-mixed concrete production?

The demand for new structures is still high and will continue to rise in many countries, at the same time leading to a growing demand for ready-mix concrete. However, in a lot of cases the current production capacity of the concrete mixing plant can’t be increased. Often outdated control systems cause failures and interruptions of the production.
The solution to solve all existing problems is the installation of a new more efficient concrete mixing plant.

How to increase the output of ready-mixed concrete production?

The following issues should be taken into account when considering the purchase of a new concrete mixing plant:

Choose the right size!

The size of a plant depends on the required hourly production, the number of bins and silos, as well as the total storage capacities for binding agents and aggregates.

In addition, the size of the ground and the conditions of the building permit will determine what kind of concrete mixing plant you are allowed to build.

Anyway, Tecwill will be there for you, assisting with in the matters of determination of the right dimensioning of the concrete mixing plant and the calculation of the project’s total cost.

Check the building conditions!

A concrete mixing plant or any part of it, can be customized according to the customer's needs and the requirements of the site.

However, not only the plant itself but also other points need to be taken into consideration, e.g. aggregate stockpiles, concrete recycling facilities and additional equipment.
A small concrete mixing plant requires a space of at least approx. 2,500 m
2 whilst a bigger concrete mixing plant may require 4 or 5,000 m2 or even more.

Problems with the building permission - renovation may be an alternative!

The renovation of an existing concrete mixing plant is most cases should be possible.
Especially if the structures are still in good condition, it will be easy to install new equipment and electrification, a new automation and control system.

Choose the reliable concrete mixing plant supplier!

The concrete mixing plant supplier must be familiar with the challenges and demands of the concrete production, and know how to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective and innovative solution.

Proper service has to start right from the beginning of the project and the whole process from planning to completion needs to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
All technical information related to construction and environmental permits need to be provided in time. In addition, the chosen supplier needs to reliably support the plant operation during its entire lifetime.

How to increase the output of ready-mixed concrete production?

Benefits of a new Tecwill concrete mixing plant

  • The new automation and control system will ensure that production runs smoothly.

  • Concrete quality, compared to those of plants of other manufacturers, is better thanks to Tecwill’s special dosing and weighing systems, which also allow a very precise measuring of the moisture contained in the aggregates.

  • An efficient heating system guarantees concrete production also under wintry conditions.

  • All components and systems are installed and tested at the Tecwill factory in Finland before shipping of a plant to the customer.

  • Tecwill’s service, maintenance and spare part supply are very reliable.

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