Arcamix - Features and benefits

Benefits in nutshell
  • Reliable operation in artic winter conditions
  • Remarkable saving in installation costs compared to conventional solutions
  • Saves cement and reduces CO2 emissions
Multi-functional operation, can be used either as a
  • DRY MIX concrete batch plant with 9 m3 batch size (11,7 cubic yards)
  • Stationary wet mix RMC plant
  • Portable wet mix concrete batch plant
  • Central mix concrete plant
  • Precast element factory concrete plant
High quality twin-shaft mixer
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Guarantees high concrete quality
  • Robust construction
  • Available high pressure mixer washout system
Mixer container
  • Large maintenance area around the mixer
  • All equipment ready installed
  • Insulating panels are assembled at the factory and don’t have to be dismantled when the plant is moved to another location
Control room container
  • Easy to access
  • Good view to discharge area
  • Pleasant working environment, thermal insulation 
Admixture storage container
  • Space for additive dosing pumps and additive tanks
  • Available filling system for additive tanks 
  • Space for pneumatic compressor
Laboratory container
  • Laboratory container ist part of the substructure, no seperate building needed
  • Insulated space for all needed laboratory equipment
Aggregate and water heating system
  • Fully automatic aggregate and water heating system
  • Can be mixed temperature controlled concrete to desired target temperature
  • Reliable operation in artic winter conditions, can mix concrete at temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees C ( minus 49 F)
Winter equipment pre installed at factory 
  • All winter equipment can be pre installed at factory and do not need to disassemble when moving the plant
  • Property heating and lights for all plant premises
  • Aggregate bin racks and covers
Mobile set-up
  • Mobile steel frames instead of concrete slabs as foundation
  • Removable steel elements for the aggregate loading ramp
  • Fast to install and therefore very economical
Improved and effective fibre dosing for shotcrete
  • Steel or synthetic fibres are dosed onto the aggregates flowing on the weighing belt
  • Avoids fibre lumps, dosing method leads to a very homogeneous shotcrete
  • Dosing system is connected to control system for automatic dosing
  • Less problem with spraying machine and better tunnel lining
Precast element factory solutions

An ARCAMIX plant can easily be connected to the concrete shuttle system of an prefab concrete element factory

Water chiller and ice plant connection
  • Fully automatic temperature controlled concrete to desired target temperature
  • Water chilling equipment and ice plant can be connected for automatic dosing