Double  PRECAST concrete plant

DOUBLE precast concrete plant

DOUBLE plant equipped with two planetary mixers is an ideal solution for a precast element and block factories, where different type of concrete is needed.

The customer can choose the mixer size according to the application. For example: base mix and face mix can have their own optimal batch size. Thanks to modular construction DOUBLE is a cost efficient investment and flexible to connect with the precast element production lines.

Plant can be tailor-made, according to the customer requirements.

Economical invest cost

Basic delivery includes all process devices to mix high quality precast concrete, control system and electric system. Steel constructions like aggregate bins and cement silos can be connected to delivery or they can be procured by the customer locally according to Tecwill-instructions.

Flexible connection to precast factory

Connection to existing or new precast element or block factory is flexible. Mixing module can be situated in the best way near production lines. Aggregate bins can be located in the best possible place at the site.  Alternatively, the whole plant can be placed inside the production hall.

Planetary mixer discharge height is adjusted according to concrete transport system, for example a shuttle system or belt conveyor. For shuttle system discharge height is normally 6,5 - 7,5 m to have sufficient height for concrete bucket.

If necessary, plant can be equipped for ready mix concrete output using separate discharge gate and special hopper.

High quality planetary counter current mixer

The mixer is a counter current planetary mixer with a batch size of 0,3 - 2,5 m3. Each mixer can be equipped with several discharge gates and needed sensors for adjusting consistency and temperature.

Plant control is made by WillControl automatic control system or Customers own system.