Mixing plant for element factory

We have wide range of solutions for precast element factories

Right concrete plant solution for precast element factory will be selected according to the site, concrete conveying system, climate and needed production capcity.  The right plant model can be for example:

  • D-Mix concrete plant located inside or outside the production hall
  • DOUBLE plant, aggregate bins outside and mixers inside the production hall
  • Special mixing plant for decorative aggregates, plant equipped with removable bins, color dosing system and dosing system for white cement
  • Special solution according to Customer's requirements
  • Standard ARCAMIX, COBRA or TOWER plant modified for precast  concrete

The height of the plant is made according to the concrete conveying system.

We can deliver complete solution for precast element factory including;
  • Concrete mixing plant with concrete consistency adjusting
  • Colour dosing system for dry pigments or liquid colours
  • Heating system for aggregates and water including the factory and bed heating
  • Concrete conveying system, bucket and rail system
  • Concrete order points, which can be situated in different places in factory
  • Casting beds and moulds according to production