TOWER concrete mixing plant

Tecwill TOWER is a modularized concrete mixing plant which can be transported, erected and commissioned easily.

All TOWER plant modules are factory pre-fabricated, including electricity, lighting and heating. The modularized construction allows easy and cost-effective transport and quick installation. WillControl system takes care of production performance, efficiency and quality repeatability in any kind of circumstances.

The modular layout and Tecwill’s developed VERTEC vertical conveyor system results in a very small plant footprint. This allows the plant to be situated in a large variety of sites, including city environments. Thus total investment cost in a TOWER concrete plant is less then normally configured stationary plants prevalent today.

A large aggregates storage allows operations at a distance from the gravel pit and aggregate temperatures remain constant regardless of weather conditions due to the closed filling system design.

TOWER is well suited for ready-mix production, however, it can also be incorporated into pre-cast operations and equipped with an automatic batch conveyance system.