Tower - Optional equipment

Aggregate moisture measuring

Aggregate moisture can be measured by sensor, which transfers moisture data to control system. Moisture data will be used for calculation of water amount.

High pressure washing system for mixer WALTER

Effective washing system for washing concrete mixer, discharge gate and concrete transport bucket.

Dosing system for steel or synthetic fibers
Fully automatic dosing system for steel and synthetic fibers. Fibers can be dosed to mixer or truck mixer.
Chilly water and flake ice plant

COBRA plant can be equipped with fully automatic chilly water and flake ice plant. Capacity of ice plant will be calculated according to customer requirements. Dosing of chilly water and flake ice will be made according to target concrete temperature.

Concrete consistency measuring and adjusting

Concrete mixer can be equipped with consistency sensor for measuring concrete consistency. Sensor can be connected to control system for automatic consistency adjustment.

Camera system

For process tracking, the plant can be equipped with a camera system.