WillControl mixing plant control system

Tecwill’s in-house developed WillControl system is a modern, user-friendly, fully automatic Windows-based control system. The system leverages today’s latest bus technology and data transfer methods, enabling reliable and fast operation.

The WillControl system supports the control of the concrete production from proportioning/dosing to quality control. The system can be composed of suitable control modules according to the customer’s application needs. The software application can be designed, for example, for production of ready-mix concrete or precast concrete or for both. The system can also be used to update or upgrade control systems of existing plants to provide report capabilities on base of actual standards such as EN 206-1.

The WillControl system is flexible and can be linked to the customer’s information system, such as invoicing, material management or concrete disposition programs. The system offers versatile reporting features in accordance with the actual needs of concrete producers.

WillControl control-system has been developed corresponding to the requirements of the EN 206-1 standard.