WillControl features

WillControl is the ideal tool for all functions required for concrete production, which...
  • handles material proportioning/dosing according to the specific mix design
  • controls fully automatic concrete production
  • supervises concrete, aggregate and product quality control
  • collects relevant information for invoicing
  • works with graphics and allows easy use of interfaces
  • is based on Windows XP
  • provides comprehensive operations management and reporting tools, as well as connectivity to common accounting software
  • can be used to build a network of geographically distant production locations
WillControl assists in improving competitiveness and profitability
  • Same system for all functions
  • Reduced personnel
  • High quality at minimum expense
  • Economical use of cement
  • Increase in productivity
WillControl control system enables…
  • aggregate moisture measurement
  • versatile adjustment of concrete consistency
  • production of warm concrete and heating of aggregates
  • automatic dosage of chilled water and flaked ice