Program modules

The WillControl software consists of the following modules, which can be composed according to the customer’s requirements:

WillConBet – Concrete production
  • Processing of orders, customer data, mix designs, raw materials, control information
  • Provision of delivery notes, comprehensive reporting
  • Provision of date required for invoicing
  • Monotoring and optimization of the plant‘s capacity
  • Aggregate moisture measurement
  • Adjustment of the concrete consistency (ready-mix / precast / earth-moist concrete)
  • Heating of aggregates, production of warm concrete
  • Dosing of chilled water and flaked ice
WillConPros – Control room software
  • Process flow chart and visualization
  • Manual operation, alarms
  • Level measurements, temperatures, moisture content
  • Aggregates grain size charts and screening results
  • Concrete mix design proportions
  • Mix design comparison and optimum mix search
  • Direct transfer of mix designs to be used for batching
  • Economical cement use and constant concrete quality
  • Control of aggregate quality
  • Testing and monitoring of fresh / hardened concrete quality
  • Improvement to producer’s quality image
  • Reporting, samples
  • Remote operation, upgrades and fault correction
  • Connection to external invoicing software
  • Connection of different production locations to a central disposition