Storage and handling of admixtures


Tecwill’s range of  equipment for storing and handling of dry and liquid admixtures includes:

Complete system for storing, dosing and scaling of the additives.

Additive scale

Additive scale have own separate weighing hopper for each additive (1-5 pc.), which makes possible to weigh all additives without mixing them. Additives cab be discharged one by one at desired order and time.  Scale hopper material is stainless steel, glass scales also available.

Additive pumps

Standard pump is pneumatic membrane pump, which is reliable and easy to adjust and maintain.

Storage tanks

Additive storage tanks are 500 - 5000 l and equipped with over flow protection.

Additive container

Ready made insulated and electrified additive container is easy to connect concrete plant. Pumps and tanks are installed to container. Electric and automation connections are ready made for fast start-up. Mechanical devices are tested and read to use.