Service contract

To support our clients and their operations we offer an extensive range of services for our products, through different stages of their life cycle. Services can help to guarantee the reliability of our products, as well as optimal performance in different situations.

We have arranged different service packages, basics as well as extended services for a variety of different applications. Read more about benefits and savings.

Service packages and agreement

Once the appropriate service package has been selected, a service contract can be closed and a schedule can be agreed upon for the execution of the services.

  • Data maintenance for plant and programs
  • Monitoring of the life cycle of the project and report to the customer
  • User support in fault situations (phone or remote assistance)
  • Technical assistance from our experts
  • Information system, where project information and programs as well as tools for project development can be found
Extended (in addition to the “Basic” package)
  • Check of the mechanical and automation plant condition once a year
  • Storage of critical automation components, in order to ensure fast delivery
  • Update of the control system to the at the time latest version, update of the reports in accordance with the standard’s level
  • Training of the plant operator to get used to the new features (in case of updates)
  • LinkOne web portal to ensure quick and easy ordering of the plant spare parts
Performance optimization (in addition to the “Extended” package)
  • Two-day check of the plant, twice a year
  • Analysis and full understanding of the current state of the client’s processes as well as, based on these, design of an action plan according to defined objectives, for example, to increase the production capacity of the concrete mixing plant or to adjust the dosing equipment for a special production
  • Check of the tare weights of scales and, if necessary, calibration
  • Remote control and diagnostics, which can forecast maintenance work, spare parts and upgrades needs, as well as carry out some minor corrections of the system (internet connection to be provided by the customer)
Benefits of service contracts for our clients
  • Rapid assistance in fault situations (troubleshooting)
  • A secure, stable production without unnecessary delays
  • Focus can be directed on the core business
  • Devices operate at a high rate throughout the life cycle
  • Cost-effective spare part service, the right spares to the right place