Service products

In addition to our service packages, we offer a variety of other service products, e. g. individual spare part sets, a wide range of accessories as well as program customizations in case of a plant modernization.

In the list below you will find the appropriate service for the equipment or the plant for its entire life cycle. Trouble-free operation with optimal production capacity will lead to the best economic results.

Spare and wear parts
  • Mechanical and electrical spare parts
  • Wear parts for mixers and other equipment
  • LinkOne web portal for ordering wear and spare parts (web service, making it easy to find the right parts and the spare part order number)
Benefits for YOU
  • The original, right high-quality part delivered to the right place when its required
  • Provision of an appropriate substitute (with manufacturer information), if the original part is not available
Hardware support and training
  • Support for the use of programs and devices, helpdesk
  • Training of how to use and maintain programs and equipment
  • Information about troubleshooting and repairs
Consulting and planning services
  • Process optimization, e. g. such as increasing the plant’s capacity
  • Optimization of the concrete production process, for example
    • quality control, reporting, billing data automation
    • weighing equipment and adjustment process to fulfil the highest expectations
    • weighing equipment and adjustment process according to special requirements of the  product
    • possible changes in the plant concept or of programs
Plant maintenance
  • Scale calibration service as required by the standards and regulations
  • Technical update of the WillControl plant automation system
    • update of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • remote access to the plant, which provides quick assistance in fault situations
  • Individual programs update and modification, e. g. implementation of new equipment in the program
  • Computer replacement, recommended if the controlling computer is more than 3 years old, to avoid computer failures, which may lead to breakdowns and loss of production
  • Services required after a plant has been moved to a new location
  • Installation of equipment and maintenance works
  • Planning of and carrying out modifications of technical equipment
  • Technical evaluation of current conditions
  • Installation of equipment or accessories and their connection to the control system
    • Replacement of mixers
    • Modification of aggregate bins and loading equipment
    • Additional cement silos or additive storage and dosing equipment
    • Implementation of a new or upgrading of an existing
      • admixture storing and dosing system
      • heating system
      • fresh concrete recycling system
      • fibre storing and dosing system
      • concrete colour storing and dosing system
      • plant control system
  • Renovation of equipment or retrofitting of the complete plant