Teemu Tuominen January 11, 2017 2 min read

Skanska ASFALT & Betong GOES FOR Arcamix

Skanska Asfalt & Betong acquired Tecwill Arcamix 3.33 concrete mixing plant to expand in the Gothenburg region, Sweden. The company is part of Skanska construction company and it has many concrete factories all over Sweden. Skanska Asfalt & Betong provides concrete for both its corporate and consumer clients and has a variety of mixes for different purposes of use.

The container based Arcamix concrete mixing plant suits perfectly for versatile concrete production. It has large storages for raw materials: six aggregate silos and two additive containers. The additive system is equipped with six dosing pumps and large storage tanks. The admixtures are brought in with tankers and filled up directly into the containers with a special refill system.

The new Arcamix plant mixes the concrete with a BHS 3,33 m3 twin shaft mixer. The plant facilities are spacious and designed to make the maintenance works efficient and easy. In addition, the mixer is equipped with a high-pressure washing system which cleans up with over 100 bar water-pressure. This saves time and effort and gives the plant operator more time to focus on production work.


Teemu Tuominen

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