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Why maintaining a concrete batch plant by closing a service contract?

Why maintaining a concrete batch plant by closing a service contract?

Do you want a stable, uninterrupted production with your concrete batch plant and by this save a lot of problems and personal stress? If so, you should invest in preventive maintenance!

Best of all is, that at the same time you will save money for the most important matters, which are to improve and extend your business.

Reasons why a service contract is worth it

By investing in preventive maintenance, you can focus on the essentials, because there will be

  • no more unexpected production interruptions
  • no more extra waste from the concrete plant due to breakdowns
  • no extra costs for express delivery of spare parts or components needed for repair
  • no loss of production due to breakdowns
  • no need to get mechanic or electricians to repair and install the parts
  • no extended working hours and by this a reduction of the accident risk


  • the equipment will remain functional and safe
  • the longevity of the plant will be extended

Compare the maintenance costs - a service contract provides huge savings!

Comparison of maintenance costs is easy when comparing the "traditional way" with the preventive maintenance. The traditional way means that the device is repaired as soon as it has broken down in your concrete batch plant.

Example: Replacement of the discharge valve of the cement scale

Option 1. Replacement of the valve after it has broken down:

New valve 600 € and replacement work 1 hour, total 700 €

Loss of production 2 working days*, loss of concrete 300 m3 concrete/day, total 2 x 300 m3 x 90 €/m3 = 54,000 €, of which the estimated gross margin is 30% = 16,200 €.

*Unless you coincidentially have such a spare part on stock

Total cost: approximately 17,000 € (not taken into consideration the other problems that may occur, compensation costs, loss of customers)

Option 2. Replacement of the valve before it breaks down:

With preventive maintenance, the valve is still functional when it gets replaced by a new one.

New valve 600 € and replacement work 1 hour.

No loss of production, because the work can be done beforehand at the most suitable time.

Total cost 700 €


Preventive maintenance of the concrete batch plant or shotcrete plant may save you a lot of money and allows you to at all time provide the services your customers expect and require.

Please contact us if you want to save money and keep your customers and employees happy. Call or mail us so we can talk about the details.

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