Cobra concrete mixing plant

The COBRA mobile concrete batch plant concept benefits and added value
"Flying" aggregate weighing system
  • significant savings in production costs and energy consumption
  • simple to install and can be moved in a very short time
  • reliable concrete production with plants, which can cope with extremely harsh and cold winter weather
  • Improved dosing accuracy reduces cement content in a mix design and CO2 emissions 
Plants are pre-installed and tested in factory
  • Fast installation and start up at the site
  • Can be moved within a very short time
  • All winter equipment ready installed and does not need to be dismantled when moving the plant
Multifunctional operation; each plant can operate as a 
  • mobile or stationary RMC plant
  • shotcrete plant
  • project plant mixing concrete for all kind of construction projects
  • concrete plant for a precast concrete element factory
The patented construction

The patented COBRA concept represents the newest development in the field of concrete mixing and batching plants: completely factory pre-assembled plants, which can easily be installed, quickly be commissioned, economically be operated and, although functioning as proper stationary plants, effortless be moved to a new site, when the actual project has been accomplished or the market situation changed.

The COBRA concept originates from a new way of thinking as far the entire process of concrete production is concerned: the concrete plant operates where the concrete actually is required.

Super mobile concrete batching plant

COBRAs are compact types of plants combining all necessary features required for easy and quick installation, large production capacities and the production of highest quality concrete or shotcrete. COBRA plants are equipped either with reliable compulsory countercurrent planetary mixers or high performance twin-shaft mixers.

COBRAs are designed to operate efficiently under harsh cold or hot climate conditions. All models are available as insulated plants and can be equipped with an efficient aggregate and water heating system or chiller and ice flake plant, to mix automatically temperature controlled concrete to desired temperature.