COBRA - Features and benefits

Patented special construction with modules completely pre-installed and pre-wired at the factory  
  • Aggregate dosing made by "flying" aggregate dosing and weighing system
  • Enables factory assembly and testing of the complete plant including winter insulation and aggregate and water heating system
  • Fast installation and commissioning, easy to relocate to a new site
  • Mobile steel foundation and aggregate loading ramp elements
  • About 2,0 - 5,0 m lower aggregate bin and filling ramp than in conventional plants
Watch the video about "FLYING" aggregate weighting!
Optimal conditions for measuring the aggregate moisture and adjusting the concrete consistency
  • The "FLYING" aggregate dosing and weighing system allows to exactly measure the moisture of all aggregates by using only one sensor   
  • Sensor can be sliding "ski" sensor which is sliding on top of the aggregate bed flowing on the belt conveyor
  • Alternatively measuring can be done with an OPTICAL “non contacting” sensor.
Economical foundation works and low aggregate filling ramp
  • Thanks to the “flying” system the loading edge of the aggregate bins is approx. 2 - 5 m (6 - 15 ft) lower than those of bins with conventional weighing belt conveyor systems.

  • This leads to remarkable savings in wheel loader operation costs (fuel, oil, tires, personnel…).

  • Minimize the operating space on the production site due to a lower and shorter loading ramp.

  • Plant can be installed on concrete slabs or mobile steel frames
Pre assembled winter equipment
  • All insulating panels can be pre assembled at the factory and don’t have to be dismantled when the plant is moved to another location.
  • Effective TURBOCOBRA aggregate and water heating system can be also pre assembled at the factory.