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How to safely operate and maintain a mobile concrete mixing plant?

Work safety is the most important thing

Tecwill mobile concrete mixing plants are CE-marked, which, among other things, means that they are designed to be operated and maintained safely at all times.

Such plants consist of devices and components for storing, dosing and mixing materials for the production of ready-mixed concrete. All devices get their kinetic energy from pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders respectively from electric motors and gear boxes. Everything concerning a device, for example its electric system, as well as all moving mechanical parts, must be protected against unauthorized intervention according to the device’s directives.

To be able to easily transport the units of a mobile or semi-mobile concrete mixing plant and to keep the installation time required short, the dimensions of the units have to be as small as possible. However, this should never be at the expense of operator safety.

Safe maintenance

Safe and user-friendly concrete plant

“Safe maintenance” means, for example, that maintenance and repairs can be carried out from the ground, without any ladders, scaffolding or mobile lifting equipment.

Tight areas and those where employees might get in any way injured must be protected. To make the transport of tools as easy as possible, passageways and stairs within the concrete plant must be wide enough and without slippery and to steep parts.


Ready-mix concrete

It is Tecwill’s policy to make sure that all requirements concerning safe maintenance are considered already during the planning process, knowing that everything, which makes maintenance easier and safer, at the same time increases the user-friendliness of the plant. Unfortunately, with a lot of plants on the market, one and the other or both is not the case.

Most Tecwill plants can be equipped with a service hatch at mixer level, for lifting heavy wear and spare parts by an electric lifting hoist. Belt conveyors, which are used for aggregate dosing and transport, can be serviced from the ground respectively an ergonomic altitude. Cement dosing screw connections can be maintained from inside the plant, without having to climb on the roof top.


Concrete plant

When you visit a concrete plant, look at the following things concerning safe operation and maintenance

  • Can the emergency switches be reached easily?
  • Is it easy and safe to walk inside and outside the concrete plant’s units, through doors, via stairs, ladders, platforms and service bridges?
  • Are the operational and maintenance manuals written in the national language?
  • Are the greasing points of different bearings accessible or are the hidden behind safety meshes?
  • Are the devices, pipes and electrical cables marked?
  • Are ladders or lifting equipment necessary to maintain devices inside the plant units or in the outside area?
If you are able to say "yes" to all points, there is a high probability that it will be a concrete mixing plant from Tecwill.




Mobile concrete mixing plant



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