Teemu Tuominen December 13, 2017 2 min read

Skanska purchased the third ARCAMIX concrete mixing plant for Sweden within one year

In spring 2017 Tecwill already delivered two Arcamix 3.33 concrete mixing plants to Skanska. All new plants are located next to the shopping centre Kungens Kurva in Stockholm, along the E4 motorway and close to where a big new roundabout is going to be built. The location of the plants not only is perfect for the actual project but also allows a fast concrete delivery to a large area of South Stockholm.

The onsite plants grant a higher safety on the site as well as reduced CO2 emissions due to short transport distances and avoidance of truck mixers having to keep up with traffic jams.

Not negotiable key requirements of the plant project were a high production capacity, a low carbon footprint and transport of concrete to respectively on the construction site being as safe as possible, all being fulfilled by Tecwill.

Mainly crushed aggregates are used for concrete production significantly reducing the necessity to use rare and therefore more expensive pit-run gravel. Tecwill plants trouble-free can handle both, gravel as well as grit.

At present Skanska runs five mobile or semi mobile Tecwill concrete mixing plants in the Stockholm area.


Teemu Tuominen

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