Teemu Tuominen November 7, 2017 3 min read

Tecwill delivered a new concrete mixing plant COBRA C80 to Norland Betong at Fauske in Norway

The delivery consisted of a concrete mixing plant COBRA C80 equipped with Tecwill´s planetary mixer. The complete equipment package, amongst important other devices, included a quick scale calibration system, covers for the aggregate bins operated by remote control, an automatic high pressure washing system for the mixer and frequency controlled cement and aggregate dosing facilities.

The installation work in Fauske started in the early spring of 2017. At that time there still was plenty of snow in the area and even snowstorms hit the town. However, sudden changes in weather conditions are common in the mountains and Tecwill’s personnel as well as the Nordland Betong team had to accept the challenges.

The plant was installed on a concrete foundation and despite the wintry weather the production already started in the second installation week. The COBRA was installed next to the existing concrete mixing plant. Swapping from the old to the new plant was carried out successfully, any interruption of the concrete production could be avoided. Full capacity and high quality production was possible right from the start, necessary because the Tjernfjellet tunnel project had an immediate demand for shotcrete.

The work site is located about 70 km south of Fauske in the course of the busy European road E6. The tunnel will be 3.3 km long and shall be opened to the traffic in autumn 2019. The tunnel is 8.50 m wide with a pitch angle of 4%.

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