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Ready-mix concrete production began with Cobra C80 and passion

Features of the Cobra C80 mobile concrete mixing plant:

- Countercurrent planetary mixer

- "Flying" aggregate dosing and weighing system

- High pressure washout system for the mixer

- Aggregate moisture measuring

- Separate dust-free room for electrical cabinet

- Cement scale with a separate filter


The dream came true

Fosen betongpumping has been operating since 2012 by producing ready-mix concrete in the west side of Trondheim. The company, owned by two guys, is specialized in transporting, and pumping of concrete. The dream of having their own concrete plant had been long time and in the year 2020 was the right time to implement it. Together with new plant, they decided to change company name to Fosen Betong AS.

Stein Ove and Ole Andreas had visited at the Cobra C80 concrete plant located nearby in Surnadal. They wanted to see with their own eyes how the concrete plant looks like. They liked how compact the plant was and convinced that it was suitable for their needs. The first face-to-face meeting was held in late 2019 at Stein Oven’s home. This started the discussion about technical solutions and customizing the delivery to fit their requirements.


Trust for the future

Spring 2020 with COVID 19 was not the easiest time for big investment decisions, but the owners thought there must be trust for the future. The COVID 19 caused some difficulties to manufacturing process. The working days at the Tecwill assembly workshop were long to get Cobra plant ready at the agreed lead time. We decided to not skip the complete factory testing of concrete plant before delivery. Each Tecwill concrete plant is installed ready for operation including plant enclosure, and the equipment is tested with an electrical and automation system. The pre-wired and pre-plumbed plants can be commissioned much faster at the destination.


Installation of the plant at the site

Project manager Mikko and the automation installation supervisor Arttu left from Finland to accomplish the installation of the plant. The concrete pads at the site were so accurate that the lifting of the plant modules could start immediately. Some of the truckloads had already arrived on the site beforehand. The height limitation at the site (without the permit of exception) was 12m. The standard Cobra C80 model fits well to this restriction. In this delivery project, the diameter of the cement silos was slightly increased, and the volume was chosen to be 60 m3 so the limit was not exceeded. One of the silos was divided into 30m3 + 30m3 departments, for micro silica and filler.


The customers themselves supplied an insulated storage container for the admixtures. The main electrical cabinet and the compressor were placed in a completely dust-free and insulated room.

Admixture pump racks were installed next to the main electric cabinet. The racks have a space for six pumps. A fan was also installed to the wall to ensure that the compressor has sufficient dust free air supply.


Complete Cobra plant ready for winter operation started the production of ready mixed concrete in a week. The customer's installation team, together with Tecwill’s Mikko and Arttu, made the installation run very smoothly.

It’s great to get to deliver a modular concrete plant to a customer who has a passion of produce high quality ready mixed concrete and deliver it to customers in their own home areas.

See more info about Fosen beton https://www.fosenbetong.no/


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