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Arcamix relocatable concrete batching plant arrived to Norway

Arcamix 4,0 batching plant features:

· Improved and effective "flying" aggregate dosing and weighing system

· BHS high quality twin-shaft mixer with a 4,0 m³ batch size

· Automatic fiber dosing system for steel fibers

· Water scales for clean water and recycling water

· Fully automatic High-pressure washout system for the mixer

· Fully equipped control room, admixture storage and laboratory container

· Pre-assembled insulation for plant including hydraulically operated covers for aggregate bins

Concrete plant

Ready-mixed concrete from Hokksund

Hokksud Betong AS has been founded in 1970. Company produces ready-mixed concrete for its market areas include e.g. Nedre Buskerud, Asker, Bærum and Oslo. Their headquarter is in the countryside of Hokksund. The company also owns half of the ready-mix concrete company by name Vestfold Betong. Arcamix 4,0 is company’s third ready-mix concrete batching plant. Arcamix was installed in Mjondalen which is located in the middle of Drammen and Hokksund.

"flying" aggregate dosing and weighing system

About the project

With the completion of Bane NOR's Drammen railway project, the customer's plans to purchase a new concrete plant were realized. For the railway project, approximately 230,000 m3 of ready-mixed concrete will be produced over the next three years. In spring 2019, customer decided that Tecwill is the one who can deliver them a new modular relocatable Arcamix 4.0 concrete plant in Mjondalen.

Fibre concrete, Ready-mix concrete

A few challenges along the way

In the end of 2019, some special arrangements had to be made. Finnish postal service's strike and the subsequent support strikes created a few challenges for truck loads entering Norway. Luckily, the installation supervisors Marko and Leo managed to get to the site in time by driving from Joensuu, via Haparanda to Mjondalen. Some truck loads had to travel the same route. However, after a few extra kilometers of driving, installation was able to start on schedule in the last week of November. Star up and handover of the plant to the customer was completed as planned some weeks later.

Fibre dosing system

This was the first Arcamix concrete plant project, where we and the customer together, started to come up and implement with the idea about the dosing of the fibres into the discharge funnel under the twin-shaft mixer. The result was a container containing two different fibre dozers which are placed on top of an aggregate filling ramp. Plant can use two different fiber types at same time. First, the fibre is weighed and metered into a container and then lifted by a conveyor above the Arcamix plant, from where it is dropped along a tube under a mixer into a discharge funnel. Concrete's flow of out of the mixer can be controlled quite precisely with a hydraulically operated mixer discharge hatch. It is important that the fibre is dosed directly into the concrete flow coming from the mixer to avoid fibre lumps.

Fiber dosing container


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