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Tecwill is a world leading expert company in manufacturing plants for the production of environmentally friendly high quality concrete.

Our unique technologies at the same time offer significant savings in production costs and energy consumption.
Our factory tested concrete plant modules are simple to install, our plants are fast to erect, safe to operate, easy to maintain and, if necessary, can be moved to another location in a very short time.
Our equipment can withstand any climate however, one of our key strengths is that we know how to build plants, which can cope with harsh and cold winter weather.

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Super Cobra C120


  • Arcamix


    The modular construction of ARCAMIX concrete mixing plants is based on sea container dimensions. Pre-assembled and factory tested modular guarantee fast installation and start-up. At the installation site the modules just are connected to each other. Electrical and automation cables only need be plugged in. ARCAMIX has a stationary and completely mobile solution with steel foundation and filling ramp elements.

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  • Cobra


    The patented COBRA concept represents the newest development in the field of concrete mixing plants: completely factory pre-assembled plants, which can easily be installed, quickly be commissioned, economically be operated and, although functioning as proper stationary plants, effortless be moved to a new site, when the actual project has been accomplished or the market situation changed.

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  • Tower


    Tecwill TOWER is a modularized vertical concrete mixing plant for ready mix concrete or precast element applications. All TOWER plant modules are factory pre-fabricated, including electricity and automation. The modularized construction allows easy and cost-effective invest and stabile production.

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  • D-MIX


    D-Mix is the solution for stationary ready-mix plant or mixing concrete for precast element or block factory. Whole plant can be located inside the production hall. D-MIX can be tailor made according to customer requirements. Counter current planetary mixer and fully automatic control system allows to mix all kind of concrete recipes.

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  • Double


    DOUBLE plant equipped with two mixers is ideal solution for precast element and block factories, where is needed different type of concretes. Customer can choose mixers size according to application, for example base mix and face mix can have own optimal batch size. Thanks to modular construction DOUBLE is cost efficient investment and flexible to connect main production process.

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  • Reconstruction of the old plant

    When the old plant operation is technically uncertain and downtime disturbing the production, it can be worth to consider renovation of an old batching plant. Renovation can be only for mechanical equipment, as well as new electricity, automation and control system.

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  • Special plants

    Tecwill can make a tailor made production plant or part of the plant according to customer requirements. Sometimes aggregate silos, mixers and other equipment must be fitted according to specific process or site dimensions. In some cases it’s better to use standard plant model as a base and equip it with necessary changes and additional devices.

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  • With the "flying" aggregate dosing and weighing system a dosing accuracy of down to 2 kg can be achieved

    The ”flying” aggregate dosing and weighing system leads to remarkable savings in investment and even more importantly, reduced operational costs. Dosing is done by belt feeders with frequency controlled speed. With this system a dosing accuracy of down to 2 kg and a very low deviation in weighing can be achieved. At the same time reliably functioning aggregate moisture measuring allows to calculate the correct amount of water to be dosed into the water scale. The “flying” system can lead to cement savings of up to 30 kg/m3 concrete (50 lbs/cubic yard).

    Down to 2 kg (4 lb.) aggregate dosing precision can be achieved

    Possibility to save of up to 30 kg cement per m3

    Short weighing time increases the production capacity of the plant

  • Makes possible 2-3 m (6-9 ft) lower aggregate bin filling level than usual

    Dynamic ”flying” weighing moves aggregate during the process to holding hopper and thanks to that, aggregate conveyor needs very limited space. Aggregate bin construction can be made 2-3 m (6-9 ft) lower than normal weighing belt solution. Moreover filling level of the aggregate bin and filling ramp can be lowered 2-3 m, this saves space at the site. Lower filling ramp generates remarkable savings in fuel and operating costs of wheel loader.

    2-3 m (6-9 ft) lower aggregate bin filling level

    Lower filling ramp saves space at the site

    Remarkable savings in fuel and operating costs of wheel loader

  • Allows simple and low-cost foundation also in mobile solutions

    Thanks to the “flying” aggregate weighing system and low profile aggregate bin foundation is very easy to make. There is not needed underground constructions, only simple flat concrete slab is enough in stationary installation.

    In mobile set-up plant is equipped with mobile steel foundation and aggregate bin filling ramp elements. It guarantees a rapid and cost-effective relocation and start-up of production.

    Very easy foundation, flat concrete slab is enough in stationary installation

    Mobile steel foundation for mobile set-up

    Filling ramp elements for bins together with plant

  • WillControl automation system supports customers in saving raw materials and keeping operational costs low

    WillControl is a plant automation system using the best possible technologies and by this guaranteeing the production of high quality concrete according to EN-206, with optimal usage of raw materials.

    The control system is composed of different software modules according to the customer’s requirements. Thanks to the real time monitoring and reporting features the control system is also well suited for management requirements and can be connected to other programs, like invoicing and financial management. A remote control software allows rapid troubleshooting and software updates.

    Stable production without unnecessary downtime

    Wide reporting features and connection possibilities to invoicing and financial management programs

    Remote control for rapid troubleshooting and software updates

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  • Proactive and self-learning material dosing and wide process control settings makes program flexible to use

    Proactive and self-learning material dosing recognizes material flow and by that estimates and adjusts automatically dosing accuracy. Improved dosing accuracy makes process faster and gives better capacity. Dosing and mixing process can be adjusted precisely according to requirements of the application, for example discharge order and times of scales. Additives can be discharged to mixer one by one at desired time and order, for example in SCC mixing.

    Proactive and self-learning dosing adjusts automatically dosing accuracy

    Wide range of process adjustments

    Additives discharged to mixer one by one at desired time and order

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