Janne Tuomikko April 6, 2017 3 min read

Mobile Cobra C80 to wind mill project

Kirkenes Ferdigbetong AS received the order to supply the concrete for foundations of a wind mill farm in April 2016 – only 8 weeks before the scheduled start of the project. The company immediately contacted Tecwill, knowing that their COBRA C80 mobile concrete mixing plant can be installed in a very short time and is designed for high capacity production even under tough winter conditions.

The concrete mixing plant with winter equipment, heating system, mobile foundation and ramp elements was preinstalled and tested at the Tecwill factory before being delivered to the project site. The installation and production start-up as a cooperation of Tecwill and Ferdigbetong specialists was completed within six days only.

The weather conditions in Båtsfjord, Northern Norway, the icy Arctic Ocean combined with strong winds, were really challenging for the installation team. Fortunately the COBRA concept with the “flying” aggregate dosing and weighing system and the winter package is an efficient solution for these extreme conditions.

The pouring of the concrete for the foundations of the wind mill farm will take approximately 6 months. After completion of the project the concrete mixing plant will be moved to a new location for another project.

Normally concrete foundations and slabs are required as substructures for a concrete mixing plant, with the additional disadvantage that these have to be demolished and disposed once the project has been finalized. COBRA mobile plants don’t need such concrete constructions. COBRA’s bolted steel frames and filling ramp elements can be reused – a very time saving, environmentally friendly and cost efficient solution.

Terje Jakola, CEO of Kirkenes Ferdigbetong, is fully satisfied with the project, proceeding as scheduled. According to Jakola this is their second Cobra C80 investment. The communication and cooperation with the Finns have went smoothly and they are satisfied with the competent and service-minded personnel. “In such projects it is absolutely necessary to comply with the plan and the timetables“ Mr. Jakola points out, already getting prepared for moving his COBRA C80 mobile plant to start a new job.


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