Storage, handling AND DOSING of colours and fibres

Dosing system for steel and synthetics fibers for shotcrete

All our concrete plant models can be equipped with manual or fully automatic dosing system  for steel fibers or synthetic plastic fibers. System consist of:

  • Fiber feeder unit
  • Conveyor to transport fibers inside the aggregate bin
  • Fully automatic control system, which doses fibers according to recipe parameters, is available with Tecwill WillControl system
  • Optional housing for the dosing unit
Benefits when dosing fibers with Tecwill "Flying" aggregate dosing system

"Flying" weighing makes possible to dose fibers at same time with aggregate. Fibers are dosed to moving aggregate flow, when they are pre-mixied with aggregate already during the dosing. It gives remarkable benefits compared to all other systems;

  • mixing time is shorter because fibers are already pre-mixed with aggregate
  • less wearing of the mixer, because of the shorter mixing time
  • better concrete quality because of homogenous fiber content of shotcrete
  • no fiber clumps in concrete, less problems with shotcrete spraying machine and better tunnel lining
  • less repairing of tunnel liner
Polypropylene fiber dosing system

Polypropylene fibers are used in shotcrete. They are very light and demand special dosing system. We have two solutions for PP fibers;

  • Manual dosing system for ready fiber packet, normally 5 kg packet
  • Fully automatic dosing system 
Color dosing system

Color pigment can be added to concrete either as a liquid or powder format. Liquid dosing system consist of storage tanks, pumps, scale and pipelines. Color tanks can be 1-6 pc. depending on the customer requirements.

Powder pigment is dosed as a powder or granules depending on the application. Both applications requires own special dosing system.

Powder/granule is dosed from the storage bin to scale by screw conveyor. Ready batch is transferred by pneumatic conveying system from scale to mixer. Mixer can be equipped with intermediate hopper for color pigment. Dosing is connected to control system for automatic dosing.