Arcamix 200 yd3/h

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CMC Ready Mix

Our Arcamix 4.5 mobile concrete batching plant was delivered to Utah in July 2023. To our surprise, commissioning happened in just two weeks. 

Our customers absolutely love the higher quality and more consistent product we can now supply because of the nature of the twin-shaft mixer. Even our drivers love it. The plant loads the truck in a very clean manner without much spillage, which helps them get out of the yard faster.

The plant is equipped with an efficient aggregate and water heating system. We’re excited to see how it will help set us apart from others during the winter. 
Overall, we’ve been very impressed by how well Tecwill has managed everything that could have gone wrong. For me, it has been a great experience to work with them and see everything fit so nicely together.

Taylor Larson

Project Manager  CMC Ready Mix Heber, Utah, US 

Drive through, low profile

Tecwill Arcamix at a glance?

Wet batch benefits Easy to operate drive through plant

Benefits of the Tecwill wet batch technology:

  • No dust collector required
  • No truck wash station required
  • higher production capacity
Just one probe needed for the whole concrete plant. Be amazed about OptiMoist system

Improved moisture measuring. Moisture content of all aggregate fractions is measured by one common moisture probe.

The best concrete plant in the World Factory assembled enclosure -    preassembled, pre-wired and tested at factory
-    enclosure also factory installed 
-    quick and easy installation and relocation – even in winter 
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Or if you want to see the equipment in action, we can visit a concrete plant. We have them in various locations across North America.
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Boost productivity with higher capacity

Benefit from the automatic slump control

Heavy duty, robust twin shaft mixer

  • automatic lubrication
  • Automatic wash-out system
  • Slump control from batch system
Support structure is made by modified sea containers.

Containers can be equipped for different purpose, for example:
-    Batch room
-    Laboratory
-    Drivers room
-    Admix storage
-    Insulated or cold storage

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Easy bin filling with loader

- Lower aggregate bins => easy bin filling with loader even at 45 t bin size

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